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Just How to Close Microsoft Teams Completely When You Close the App

When you close Microsoft Teams, it continues to run in the background, using up resources and sending you notifications. Yet transform a single setting as well as shutting the application will really stop it. Right here’s exactly how to stop Microsoft Teams each time you close the application on Windows and also Mac.

When you close an application, you normally anticipate it to quit, not to reside on in the background silently soaking up valuable CPU cycles, memory, as well as transmission capacity. Sure, some apps like OneDrive, Dropbox, or your anti-viruses are generally “constantly on,” however running regularly becomes part of the factor of apps like these that need to monitor things.

Yet by default, if you close Microsoft Teams, it continues to run in the background so that it can send you alerts. To shut it down completely, you need to close it in the system tray or with the job manager (on Windows) or the Activity Monitor (on a Mac).

Nevertheless, there’s a straightforward setting you can alter that will certainly force Teams to quit entirely when you close the application typically.

In the Microsoft Teams app, click on your account picture and select “Settings.”

In the General tab, scroll to the “Application” section and uncheck the “On close, keep the application running” alternative.

There’s no demand to conserve or restart the application. As quickly as you untick that checkbox, the Microsoft Teams app will shut completely when you inform it to.

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