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Just How to Color-Code Outlook Calendar Events Using Categories

Reading needs you to expend cognitive power, as well as your Microsoft Outlook schedule is no exception. Nevertheless, if you color-code your calendar events, you can much more quickly separate in between them at a glance, as well as save on your own time as well as power.

Calendars are indispensable memory aides, however reading them can be a chore. Including colors to your events makes it easier to pick out associated schedule things as well as understand what they are, without having to review every word.

By default, all Outlook events are the same shade.

Nonetheless, you can make use of groups to label your occasions and show those in the exact same classification with the exact same shade.

After that, even without checking out the title of each access, you’ll quickly know which occasions belong to which category.

We’ve covered exactly how to utilize Outlook groups before, but right here’s a quick wrap-up. They’re primarily like labels or tags you can put on e-mails, tasks, and also occasions. Each category has a name as well as a color, permitting you to kind, filter, or look for things in Outlook based upon that classification.

When you click a schedule occasion in Outlook, the “Categorize” choice will be visible in the “Appointment/Meeting” area of the bow. Click “Categorize” to select one of the categories you’ve created.

If you want to add or edit an existing category, click “All Categories.”

In the photo below, you can see the classifications we set up for our schedule, including their key-board shortcuts.

To use a category, pick a calendar occasion. After that, either click “Categorize” as well as select a category or utilize its key-board faster way to use it.

This can get lengthy if you have a lot of calendar occasions, yet fortunately, there’s a faster way. Overview enables you to pick numerous events as well as apply a classification to all of them at the same time.

To do this, press Ctrl (or Cmd on a Mac), and afterwards pick every one of the occasions to which you want to use a specific group. After that, the same as above, either click “Categorize” and pick a category or use its keyboard shortcut to apply it to your picked events.

As soon as you’ve included classifications to all your occasions, your schedule will be much easier to read.

As a reward, if you classify emails and also tasks, too, the shades will certainly sync with your events so you can find appropriate products even faster. This is ideal for when you require to prep for your next conference!

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