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Just how to Combine or Group Pie Charts in Microsoft Excel

Pie graphes are popular in Excel, but they are restricted. You’ll have to determine on your own between using numerous pie charts or quiting some flexibility in favor of readability by incorporating them. If you do wish to combine them, below’s just how.

As an example, the pie graph below programs the solutions of people to an inquiry.

This is fine, yet it can be complicated if you have several Pie charts.

Pie graphes can just reveal one collection of values. So if you have numerous collection, and also you want to present data with pie charts, you require numerous pie charts.

The photo listed below shows the contribution to total revenues of 5 products throughout 3 different cities. We have a pie graph for every city with the information ranges revealed over them.

This enables us to compare the sales of items throughout various cities. However there are issues when we wish to transform them all consistently, or see them as a solitary number.

In this short article, we will certainly look at three different techniques to incorporate the pie charts.

Consolidate Data from Multiple Charts

The first method looks at incorporating the information utilized by the pie graphes.

It makes good sense to reveal one pie graph as opposed to three. This would create more area on the record and mean much less ‘eye tennis’ from the reader.

In this example, it will come at the sacrifice of the city contrast though.

The simplest and quickest means to incorporate the data from the 3 pie charts is to utilize the Consolidate tool in Excel.

Allow’s combine the data shown below.

Click a cell on the sheet where you the consolidated data to be placed. Click Data > > Consolidate on the Ribbon.

The Consolidate window opens up.

We’ll use the Sum feature to complete the sales from all 3 cities.

Next, we have to collect all of the references which we intend to settle. Click in the “Reference” box, pick the first array, and afterwards click “Add.”

Repeat this action for the various other referrals.

Inspect the “Left column” box as the name of the product is to the left of the worths in our information. Click “OK.”

We currently have a combined variety from which to produce our pie chart.

This pie chart makes it less complicated to see the payment of each item type to the overall earnings, however we shed the comparison between each city that we had with 3 various graphes.

Combine Pie Chart into a Single Figure

An additional factor that you might wish to incorporate the pie graphes is to make sure that you can move and also resize them as one.

Click on the first chart and after that hold the Ctrl key as you click on each of the various other charts to select them all.

Click Format > > Group >

Group. All pie charts are currently combined as one number. They will relocate and also resize as one image.

Pick Different Charts to View your Data

Although this short article has to do with incorporating pie charts, another option would certainly be to go with a various graph type. Pie charts are not the only means to imagine parts of a whole.

An excellent choice would certainly be the piled column graph.

Take the example data listed below. This is the data utilized in this write-up and now combined into one table.

Select the range of cells and also click Insert > > Column graph.

There are two sorts of Stacked Column to pick from. The initial one will certainly provide your information as below.

This is like having 3 pie graphes in one graph.

It does a superb work of both revealing the contribution of values in each city, while likewise permitting us to compare the expenses across cities.

As an example, we can see that Manchester created the most affordable revenue which sales of tea and also fruit were reduced compared to the other stores.

The second Stacked Column graph option would certainly offer your data as below.

This uses a portion in the axis.

So we lose the capacity to see that Manchester created the most affordable earnings, but it can offer us a better concentrate on the loved one payment. For example, the majority of the sales from the Manchester shop were from biscuits.

You can click the “Switch Row/Column” button on the Design tab to switch over the information between the axis and the legend.

Relying on your reasons, there are various ways to combine pie graphes right into a solitary figure. This post discovered 3 strategies as options to three different presentation scenarios.

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