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Just how to Create a Task From an Email Message in Outlook 2013

If you need to do something pertaining to an email message you obtained, you can easily create a task from the message in Outlook. A task can be created which contains all the content of the message without needing you to come back the details.

Producing a job in Outlook from an email message is various from flagging the message. As it states on Microsoft’s site:

“When you flag an email message, the message appears in the To-Do List in Tasks and also on the Tasks peek. Nevertheless, if you delete the message, it also disappears from the To-Do List in Tasks and also on the Tasks peek. Flagging a message doesn’t produce a different job.”

Using the method defined below to develop a job from an e-mail message, the task is separate from the message. The initial message can be erased or changed as well as the associated job will certainly not be affected.

In Outlook, make sure the Mail area is active. If not, click Mail on the Navigation Bar at the end of the Outlook home window. After that, click the message you want to add to a task and drag it to Tasks on the Navigation Bar.

A brand-new Task home window presents including the e-mail message and permitting you to enter the topic of the task, the Start and Due days, Status, Priority, to name a few settings. When you have specified the settings for the job, click Save & Close in the Actions section of the Task tab.

When the Task window closes, the Mail section is still energetic. If you move your computer mouse over Tasks on the Navigation Bar, a fragment from the brand-new task display screens in a popup window (the Task peek). Click Tasks to head to the Tasks section of Outlook.

The To-Do List shows with your newly-added job noted between pane. The ideal pane displays the information of the task as well as the components of the message included in the job (as visualized at the beginning of this short article).

Click on Tasks to see a total listing of all your tasks, consisting of the one you simply included from your e-mail message.

Note that accessories in an email message included in a new task are not copied to the task. You can additionally produce new tasks by dragging contacts, calendar things, as well as notes to Tasks on the Navigation Bar.

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