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Just how to Edit a Received Email in Microsoft Outlook

The subject and also body of a gotten email are at the impulse of the sender, yet you can transform the subject line to something better or include notes to the body quickly as well as conveniently using Microsoft Outlook.

Have you ever sent an email to yourself or created a new job as opposed to noting an e-mail for Followup just so you could add notes to it? Maybe you’ve dragged an e-mail right into OneNote or Evernote so you can create a little context around it? Or possibly you’ve just quietly cursed the sender for not adding an useful subject line or otherwise adding a topic at all.

One way or another, received emails would in some cases be better if you might edit the subject or add notes to them. Yet there’s no need for a cumbersome procedure or third-party software program due to the fact that, in Microsoft Outlook, you can modify a gotten email.

Exactly how to Edit the Subject Line of an Email

To modify the subject line of an email, open the e-mail in Microsoft Outlook by double-clicking it. From there, put the arrow on the subject line and also begin inputting.

When you’re finished, click the “Save” button as well as close the email.

That’s it– no settings to alter, no buttons to click, no menus to navigate. Just open the e-mail as well as type in the subject line.

How to Edit the Body of an Email

Editing the body of an email in Microsoft Outlook is almost as straightforward as editing the subject line.

Open the e-mail by double-clicking it, then choose Actions > > Edit Message on the bow.

Now put your cursor in the body of the email and also add message or edit the existing message. When you’ve completed, click the “Save” switch and also shut the email.

That’s all there is to it. You can modify any kind of email in Microsoft Outlook, no matter who sent it or what folder it’s in.

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