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Just how to Flip a Picture Horizontally in PowerPoint

Adding pictures and also SmartArt to compliment the material of your presentation is among the essential factors in making it effective. PowerPoint, with its large supply of image-manipulating attributes, allows you to flip and rotate pictures, ensuring your PowerPoint is set up specifically as you’ve planned.

Flipping an Image in PowerPoint

Go ahead an open your PowerPoint discussion as well as head to the slide which contains the photo to be turned. As soon as there, choose the photo.

When chosen, a brand-new “Format” tab will certainly show up. Select that tab and after that click the “Rotate” switch.

A dropdown menu with a few alternatives will show up. Below, choose “Flip Horizontal.”

You’ll now observe your image has actually, as expected, turned horizontally.

Just like many Office applications, however, there’s a quicker method to flip your picture. Proceed and also choose the picture. Click and also hold the bullet in the top-right edge, after that drag left.

The exact same can also be done for turning photos by choosing the arrowhead on top of the image as well as moving your arrow to the preferred position.

Create the ideal presentation by benefiting from these PowerPoint attributes.

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