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Just How to Format Superscript or Subscript Text in Word or PowerPoint

Whether you’re reviewing chemical or mathematical formulas or mentioning web content that calls for afterthoughts, you’re mosting likely to need to use superscript or subscript text. Below’s exactly how to format that text in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Formatting Superscript or Subscript Text

To format message in either superscript or subscript, you’ll initially require to choose the text. Once your text is chosen, click the Font team’s “Dialog Box Launcher,” which is the little symbol discovered at the bottom-right of the “Font” group.

In “Effects” section of the Font home window that shows up, tick either the “Superscript” or “Subscript” checkbox, relying on which you require. If you’re not exactly sure which is which, you can see a sneak peek of the text in the “Preview” area. As soon as you’re prepared, click “OK.”

Your picked message will certainly currently appear as superscripted or subscripted message. If you need to undo the impact, simply select the message and press Ctrl+Spacebar. The effect will be reversed.

If you plan to utilize superscript or subscript message relatively frequently, after that you can use these keyboard faster ways to quicken the procedure.

Inserting Superscript or Subscript Symbols

Word and also PowerPoint likewise use a number of various preformatted superscript and also subscript symbols for you to use. To access those symbols, head over to the “Insert” tab and after that click “Symbol.”

A drop-down menu will certainly show up. Here, pick “More Symbols.”

In the “Symbol” window that shows up, click the down arrow alongside the “Subset” box and then select “Superscripts and also Subscripts” from the menu.

This advancements you to the superscripts and subscripts area of the icon picker. Right here, select any of the available superscripts or subscripts (which we’ve highlighted) and then click “Insert.”

Your superscripted or subscripted icon will certainly now appear in your paper or discussion.

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