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Just how to Get a Picture Behind Text in PowerPoint

Adding photos to your PowerPoint discussion can make it more aesthetically appealing. However, when you initially include a new photo, it hides whatever else gets on the slide, including message. Right here’s just how to move photos as well as other things backwards and forward to create the layering you desire.

Sending out an Image Behind Text

If you have not already, go on as well as open up the PowerPoint presentation you’ll be collaborating with and hop over to the slide with the message and also image.

We’ll discuss layering images in a little bit, however right now we will certainly just be working with a single image and some text.

As you can see in the image above, The Geek photo is covering the “How-To Geek” text. To place the picture behind the message, first, click the photo to pick it and then go to the “Format” tab.

Over at the “Arrange” section, click the “Send Backward” switch. A drop-down food selection will certainly show up with 2 choices.

“Send Backward” sends the picture back one degree. “Send to Back” positions the things behind all other items on the slide. In the meantime, choose “Send Backward” (we’ll talk about layering image a lot more in a bit).

Currently, your image will certainly lag the text.

Additionally, you can right-click the item, click the arrowhead beside “Send to Back,” and afterwards choose “Send Backward.”

The “Bring Forward” as well as “Bring to Front” alternatives you’ll see on the Format tab and the context food selection work much the same method. You ‘d utilize these alternatives to move a things in front of another. So, in this instance, we also can have chosen the message as well as brought it ahead to accomplish the very same result.

Object Layering

Currently let’s claim we have three items, and we want to layer them in a manner that all of them offer their function. As an instance, let’s give The Geek a name tag. We’ll be using 3 objects:

What we desire is for the image to be in the back, the white rectangular shape to be in front of the picture, and then the message to be before the white rectangle. Nonetheless, we produced our message as well as white rectangular shape first and then inserted our picture, so the photo is currently before whatever else.

Keep in mind: Yes, we understand that we might just kind text right into the white rectangle form to make points simpler, however we’re doing it this way for a simple instance of layering.

Initially, we want to choose the photo logo design and send it to the really back since we desire all the other challenge appear before it. Select the image, right-click it, and after that select “Send to Back” (or make use of the button on the “Format” tab).

This sends the image The Geek to the really back layer, as you can see below.

Nonetheless, as you can see in the above photo, our message is hidden behind the white rectangle. Next, pick the white box, right-click it, and this time around pick “Send Backward” from the “Send to Back” choices.

Keep in mind that if you choose “Send to Back,” your white rectangle will go away behind The Geek.

Here’s what we have now.

Currently, from back to front, we have the photo, the white rectangle, and afterwards the black text box in front. That’s the order we desired.

While the probabilities of you needing to offer a name tag to a logo design in a presentation are pretty slim, picture layering is a fundamental part of dealing with even more complicated slides.

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