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Just How to Insert Page X of Y right into a Header or Footer in Word

We’ve shown you how to include “Page X of Y” to a header of footer of big spread sheets in Excel. The exact same thing can be carried out in Word for longer documents. It’s a bit various than in Excel, so keep reading to figure out how.

There are two ways to add “Page X of Y” to a header or footer in Word. The simplest means is to use the Page Number gallery. Nevertheless, using the Page Number gallery replaces any type of material you currently have in your header or footer. If you presently have content in your header or footer as well as you want to include “Page X of Y” to that web content, you can make use of field codes. We’ll show you both methods.

KEEP IN MIND: When we state to type something in this write-up and also there are quotes around the message, DO NOT kind the quotes, unless we define otherwise.

To put “Page X of Y” using the Page Number gallery, click the “Insert” tab.

In the “Header & Footer” area, click “Page Number” and also move your mouse over either “Top of Page” or “Bottom of Page” in the drop-down food selection. A list of readymade page number designs display screens. Scroll down to the “Page X of Y” area and choose one of the “Bold Numbers” designs, depending on whether you want your page numbers left-, facility-, or right-aligned.

The page number as well as overall number of web pages are added to the header or footer.

Note that the web page numbers are vibrant. If you do not desire the page numbers to be strong, pick the message and also click “Bold” in the “Font” area of the “Home” tab.

If you already have web content in your header or footer as well as intend to include “Page X of Y” without changing that web content, you can include web page numbers utilizing fields. To do so, open the header or footer as well as area the arrow where you wish to insert “Page X of Y”. Type “Page” and also a room.

Click the “Insert” tab.

In the “Text” area, click the “Quick Parts” switch and select “Field” from the drop-down food selection.

The “Field” dialog box display screens. In the “Field names” checklist, scroll down and also choose “Page”. You can change the layout of the page number by choosing a choice in the “Format” list, yet we’ll approve the default layout. Click “OKAY”.

The web page variety of the present page is placed at the arrow. After the page number, type a space, then “of”, after that another room.

Click the “Quick Parts” button in the “Text” area of the “Insert” tab once again and choose “Field” from the drop-down menu. This moment, select “NumPages” in the “Field names” list. Approve the default values for “Format” and also “Numeric style” and click “OKAY”.

The web page number and total variety of pages are inserted at the cursor in your header or footer.

Obtain extra info on just how to include web page numbers, leave out the web page number on the very first web page of a paper, or begin a new section on a weird page number in Word.

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