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Just how to Make a Curved Graph in Excel

When you develop a line graph in Excel, the lines are tilted as well as have difficult edges by default. You can easily alter this to a curved chart with good, smooth lines for an extra refined appearance. We’ll walk you through the procedure detailed to transform your graph.

In this instance, we wish to develop a curved line graph from this information on cookie sales.

Select as well as highlight the array A1: F2 and afterwards click Insert > > Line or Area Chart > >

Line. The line chart is put with straight lines representing each data factor.

To edit this to a bent line, right-click the data series and then select the “Format Data Series” button from the pop-up food selection.

Click the “Fill & Line” classification and after that examine the box for “Smoothed Line.”

Using a smoothed line can aid make your line charts look smarter and extra professional.

Smoothed lines can likewise be a smart way of differentiating one data collection from another. For example, targets from actuals or in 2015 to this year.

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