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Just How to Open Up Previously Seen Locations in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can swiftly become loaded with teams, channels, tabs, talks, and also meetings. Bearing in mind where you saw something can be difficult, so there is a specialized, clickable checklist of the last 12 areas you visited.

We’ve currently revealed you exactly how to tidy up your Teams sidebar by pinning, silencing, as well as hiding teams, channels, and talks, but that doesn’t aid when you can not even bear in mind where you saw that data or message from 10 minutes ago.

If you’re familiar with the back as well as forward buttons in web internet browsers, after that you’ll feel right in your home utilizing the navigation buttons located in the top-left corner of Groups.

These job just as you would expect: Click the “” to move forward again.

Nevertheless, Microsoft conceals its History menu. To view it, hover your cursor over the navigation switches, and also Teams will certainly show a menu of the last 12 places in the communication app that you saw.

Click the area that you intend to most likely to, and it will promptly open up. Even if you recognize where you intend to go, it’s in some cases a great deal quicker to make use of the Background menu to reach a previously checked out team or channel.

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