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Just How to Quickly Jump to a Date in Outlook 2013

To locate a specific date in the calendar in Outlook, you can scroll with all the weeks and also months. Or, you can save some time making use of the Most likely to Date function and also go into a day to which you wish to leap.

You can even jump to a date using a date-related phrase, such as “7 days from now” or “10 weeks from now.”

Open Outlook as well as click Calendar at the end of the home window.

In the Go To section on the HOME tab, click the small arrowhead, or press Ctrl + G.

The Go To Date dialog box screens. To choose a date from a fall calendar, click the down arrow to the right of the Date edit box. Browse to the wanted month utilizing the right and also left arrows on top of the drop-down schedule. Click the preferred date to choose it.

You can likewise enter a date-related phrase, such as “Two weeks from tomorrow” in the Date edit box.

Click OK. The suitable day is calculated and shown in the Date edit box prior to the dialog box is closed.

The desired day is instantly picked in the schedule.

To go back to today’s day, click Today in the Go To section of the HOME tab.

If you plan a great deal of meetings, occasions, etc for the future, this function can save you time when entering these things right into your calendar.

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