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Just How to See New Emails on Top of Gmail Conversation Threads

Gmail’s conversation sight was groundbreaking when it appeared 15 years back, but it always shows new messages on the bottom of the string instead of the top. That’s frustrating to some veteran e-mail individuals. Right here’s how to transform that.

There’s No Easy Option to Change This

Sadly, Gmail itself provides no very easy one-click choice that will certainly put all new messages on the top of a discussion thread. Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail both reveal brand-new messages at the top of a conversation string by default, but they offer a choice to place those messages near the bottom. We desire Gmail would do the very same.

Yet, although Gmail does not make it as easy as we ‘d like, there are still means to see brand-new e-mails on top in Gmail.

Choice One: Turn off Conversation View

If you’re not that into utilizing the discussion sight, the easiest remedy is to transform it off. If you do this, then each email appears individually as opposed to with each other in a discussion thread. This is the only built-in choice for seeing brand-new mail at the top of your inbox.

To disable discussion view in Gmail, click the gear in the top precisely the Gmail internet site and then click “Settings.”

On the General tab that opens up, scroll down to the Conversation View option and then choose “Conversation View Off.”

Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click “Save Changes.”

If you’re comfy with the result, then your problem is addressed. Yet, if you do not such as seeing every new email as its very own message, there are other points you can try.

Alternative Two: Use a Browser Extension

If you do not want to turn off conversation sight, you can install an internet browser extension that will certainly customize the look of Gmail in your web browser, showing brand-new emails at the top. Lots of people recommend Gmail Reverse Conversation, which is available for both Chrome as well as Firefox.

We like this extension because it functions, yet likewise since it has a publicly legible database on Github where you can examine the resource code of the internet browser extension. Prior to you install it, threaded messages will certainly show the newest message at the bottom as criterion.

After you’ve installed the extension, the latest message appears at the top. As a bonus, the Reply as well as Forward options are likewise currently at the top.

However, this will just work in internet browsers where you’ve set up the expansion. It won’t apply to the Gmail mobile application.

This extension works by customizing Gmail’s plunging style sheets (CSS) code. If you’re the type of person that prefers to edit their own CSS where possible, you can make use of the CSS that the Gmail Reverse Conversation extension makes use of. That can be located in their GitHub repo. You can utilize this CSS due to the fact that the developer concerned, “Tomasz,” has actually kindly licensed his extension using an MIT permit that allows people to use its elements free of cost.

Option Three: Use a Desktop Client like Outlook or Apple Mail

If you want conversation view on and also you can not set up an extension or modify the CSS, your final choice is to quit using the Gmail interface and begin utilizing a various mail customer instead. Both Outlook and also Apple Mail will certainly show conversation sights with the newest at the top, so if you access your Gmail with among these clients, you can obtain that elusive functionality.

We’ve shown you exactly how to access a Gmail account with both Microsoft Outlook, as well as Apple Mail before, so adhere to those guidelines to establish yourself up. In Outlook, you can guarantee new e-mails are on top by buying emails by the day received. In Apple Mail, go to Mail > > Preferences > Viewing, and also altering “Show latest message on top.”

Unfortunately, no popular mobile mail apps– including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail on iPhone, and also Google’s very own Gmail application– have this alternative integrated in. There might be some lesser-known email applications with this feature, however we have not found any type of popular ones we can suggest.

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