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Just How to Send PowerPoint Presentations With an Embedded Video

PowerPoint allows you to embed videos straight in your presentation. Nevertheless, if you share the presentation, you might uncover the ingrained video clip no more works. Below’s exactly how to send your presentation with the ingrained video clip still intact.

The issue right here is that the ingrained video clip does not in fact come to be a component of your slide show. When you installed a video in PowerPoint, you’re simply telling PowerPoint the area of the media on your computer. PowerPoint after that recommendations that video clip on the marked slide.

If you intend to send the discussion with the embedded video clip, you’ll need to package them with each other.

Create a Folder

First things initially, you’ll create a folder to keep both the PowerPoint and video clip documents. Keep in mind that you need to do this before installing the video clip in your presentation. If you transform the location of the video documents after you embed it, the video clip will no longer work.

To develop a new folder in Windows, right-click on the location where you wish to position it, pick “New” from the drop-down food selection, and then choose “Folder” from the submenu.

If you’re utilizing a Mac, you’ll simply right-click as well as choose “New Folder.”

You’ll be motivated to name the folder. Name it something memorable, and afterwards save your discussion and video data in this folder.

Installed a Video in PowerPoint

Now that both data are in the exact same area, open up the PowerPoint file as well as installed the video clip. To do this, navigate to the slide where you intend to embed the video clip; after that go to the “Media” group of the “Insert” tab as well as pick “Video.” From the drop-down food selection that appears, choose “Video on My computer” if you’re utilizing a Windows maker or “Movie from File” if you’re on a Mac.

A dialog box will certainly then open. Navigate to the area of the video clip, choose it, as well as click “Insert.”

With the video clip currently installed in your discussion, conserve and then close PowerPoint.

Press the Folder

Now it’s time to package the documents together by zipping the having folder.

To do this on Windows, right-click the folder, choose “Send To” from the food selection, as well as choose “Compressed (Zipped) Folder” from the submenu.

Mac customers will right-click the folder as well as choose “Compress ‘Folder Name’.”

You’ll now have a whized file containing both the PowerPoint presentation and also the video data.

When you want to send out the presentation, offer the zoomed data as opposed to simply the individual PowerPoint data. As soon as the recipient gets, unzips, as well as opens up the discussion, the ingrained video will certainly be playable.

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