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Just how to Set the Preview Image for a Video in Microsoft PowerPoint

When you add a video to your Microsoft PowerPoint slide show, the very first frame of the clip displays by default till you play it. Nonetheless, if this isn’t the thumbnail you want on your slide, we’ll reveal you exactly how to alter it.

Use a Certain Frame as the Preview Image for a VideoUse an Image as the Preview for a VideoReset the Preview Image for a Video

Make Use Of a Certain Frame as the Preview Image for a Video

Open your PowerPoint discussion, head to the slide including the clip, as well as click the Play switch on the video clip. When you see the framework that you wish to make use of as the preview picture, click the Pause button.

Go to the Video Format tab and pick the Poster Frame drop-down arrowhead. Choose “Current Frame.”

You’ll then see the photo that shows for the video clip on your slide update to the particular frame you selected. As you can see in the instance below, this is a much nicer thumbnail for the video clip.

Use an Image as the Preview for a Video

Possibly you ‘d like to show an entirely different picture for the video thumbnail, like your firm logo. Most likely to the slide having the clip and click the video.

Open the Video Format tab, select the Poster Frame drop-down arrow, and also choose “Image From File.”

You can pick a photo from your computer system, a supply picture, an on-line image, or a symbol. Search for the photo you intend to utilize, choose it, as well as click “Insert.”

Currently you’ll see that sneak peek image for your video clip as opposed to the first structure. When you play your video clip throughout the presentation, the clip plays as normal.

Reset the Preview Image for a Video

If you make a decision later that you choose to make use of that first framework as the preview photo after all, it’s easy to alter.

Select the clip and most likely to the Video Format tab. Click the Poster Frame drop-down arrowhead and also select “Reset.”

The sneak peek picture after that goes back to the default very first structure.

When you offer a video in your slide show, the material generally speaks for itself. Yet seeing to it that the picture presented on the slide prior to the video plays can be equally as essential as the clip.

For even more aid with visuals in your PowerPoint discussion, have a look at how to share a slideshow with an ingrained video or just how to tape your screen and insert that clip.

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