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Just how to Show, Hide, or Resize Slide Thumbnails in PowerPoint

When you open Microsoft PowerPoint, the slide thumbnails show up in the left-hand pane by default. PowerPoint lets you hide, show, or even change the size of those thumbnails. Right here’s exactly how.

Controling Slide Thumbnails

Everyone has a different functioning style. Some might favor to maintain the slide thumbnails to produce a synopsis or easily browse in between slides when making edits. Nonetheless, some could discover them distracting or invasive and, therefore, would like to conceal or decrease their dimension. Both are fairly easy to accomplish.

Go ahead and open PowerPoint. By default, you must remain in PowerPoint’s “Normal” sight mode. If you’re not, head over to the “View” tab as well as click the “Normal” button.

Once in Normal view, the slide thumbnails will certainly appear on the left-hand side of the home window.

To decrease the size of the thumbnails, click and also drag the splitter bar to the left.

The further to the left you drag the splitter bar, the smaller sized the thumbnails become. To entirely hide the thumbnails, drag bench to the left until they go away.

If you’ve concealed the thumbnails but need to show them once more, click the arrow over “Thumbnails” on the left-hand side.

To raise the dimension of the slide thumbnails, click as well as drag the splitter bar to the right.

One more quick way to transform the dimension of the thumbnails is to hover your cursor over the thumbnail sneak peek pane and after that use your mouse’s scroll wheel while holding the Ctrl trick. However, you can not entirely conceal the thumbnails using this method.

Modification PowerPoint’s Default View

If you frequently hide the slide thumbnails when working in PowerPoint, consider transforming the default sight in which PowerPoint opens up.

To do this, head over to the “File” tab and after that select “Options” from all-time low of the left-hand pane.

The “PowerPoint Options” home window will certainly appear. Select “Advanced.”

Scroll down to the “Display” area and then pick the arrow beside “Open all documents using this view” to show the menu options.

On the menu, choose the sight design you wish to utilize by default. There are several alternatives to choose from, numerous of which do not consist of the slide thumbnails.

Lastly, click “OK” to confirm the adjustment. PowerPoint will open up in the chosen view style the following time you use it.

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