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Just How to Skip Numbering in a Numbered List in Word

A numbered list in Word is merely a collection of numbered paragraphs. There might be times when you want to have a paragraph or 2 without numbering in the middle of a numbered list and after that start the numbering once again after the unnumbered paragraphs.

Getting rid of numbers from products in a phoned number list is easy. To do this, layout your phoned number listing using the “Numbering” button in the “Paragraph” area of the “Home” tab or using the keyboard faster way you established for creating numbered lists. So, for the moment, the paragraphs you do not intend to be numbered will be numbered, but we’ll deal with that.

To eliminate a number from a paragraph in your numbered list, placed the arrow on that thing as well as click the “Numbering” switch in the “Paragraph” area of the “Home” tab.

The number is removed from the paragraph as well as the message more than likely moves back to the left margin. To line the message up with the numbered item over it, click the “Increase Indent” switch in the “Paragraph” area of the “Home” tab till the message is indented as for you desire.

KEEP IN MIND: You might need to readjust the paragraph formatting once you get rid of a number from a checklist thing.

Keep in mind, if you’ve set up a keyboard faster way to use numbering to a paragraph, you can make use of that keyboard faster way to turn off the numbering as well.

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