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Just How to Use Microsoft Office’s Panning Hand Instead of the Scroll Bar

Older variations of Microsoft Office had a noticeable “panning hand” alternative that allow you scroll through data using your computer mouse. The feature hasn’t been visible because around Office 2010, so below’s exactly how to make this super-handy function offered once again.

What Is a “Panning Hand?”

The panning hand is a tool in some applications in Microsoft Office (and also Internet Explorer) that transforms the mouse guideline to a hand symbol and enables you to hold the left switch down and drag the web page up and down or left as well as right instead of making use of the scroll bars or computer mouse wheel.

In older variations of Office, the panning hand showed up at the top of the scroll bars. By Office 2013, it went away from the conventional user interface, yet the functionality is still there if you need it.

It’s especially valuable for lengthy documents or big spreadsheets that go off the right-hand side. The panning hand is very exact and also allows you drag the web page in all instructions, consisting of diagonally, which is why it was a popular device for navigating large spreadsheets that scroll both down and throughout.

You may have noticed we stated it was a preferred tool for navigating huge spread sheets. This is because, sadly, the panning hand is no longer readily available for Excel, yet it is still readily available for OneNote, Word, and Outlook.

How Do I Make the “Panning Hand” Visible?

The panning hand can not be included in the top of scroll bars once again– which we believe is a pity due to the fact that it’s really beneficial– yet it can be added to the ribbon or the quick gain access to toolbar. The process for doing so is similar for both, however we’re going to include it to the quick access toolbar. If you intend to include it to the bow, then we have guidelines for that.

We’re mosting likely to make use of Word in this example, but the instructions are the same in OneNote and Outlook.

Open the Word application, click the down arrowhead on the quick accessibility toolbar, and afterwards select “More Commands.”

Select the arrow next to “Popular Commands” as well as pick “Commands Not In The Ribbon” from the dropdown.

Scroll to the “Panning Hand” command and pick it. Click the “Add” button and then select “OK.”

The hand icon will currently be visible in the quick accessibility toolbar.

To utilize it, merely click the hand symbol as well as the cursor will certainly develop into a hand. Hold down the left mouse or trackpad switch and also drag the page around.

To transform back to the typical cursor, either click the hand button in the toolbar once more or strike the ESC trick.

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