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Just how to Use Your Mac Keyboard’s Top Row as Regular Function Keys

Mac keyboards are rather distinguished for their basic however classy capability. Not only are they very customizable, however OS X contains an option that allow you make use of the function (fn) secret to access the real feature secrets (F1, F2, etc).

We’ve made it clear that it is simple to take advantage of Mac keyboards. You can personalize keyboard and application shortcuts to flex the system to your will. You can use it to quickly leap from virtual desktop computer to virtual desktop computer, as well as if you go between OS X and also Windows, you can remap your OS X secrets so they work extra like Windows, as well as vice-versa, so as to stay clear of confusion and also inaccurate key presses.

If you’re utilizing a Mac laptop, after that the key-board will currently be embellished with special attribute keys. Along the top row, there are unique secrets enabling you to increase/decrease screens brightness as well as keyboard backlight, quantity controls, media secrets, as well as more.

You can, nevertheless, press the “fn” secret as well as make use of that top row as regular function secrets. Generally, F1, F2, and so forth, don’t represent anything in OS X, so the leading row can only be made use of as feature tricks if you hold down “fn”. So, in order to use F1, F2, and so on without the “fn” key, you have to check a box in the key-board setups. When you do this, you will after that need to use “fn” to access the unique functions. In other words, unique functions as well as features duties are reversed.

In the complying with screenshot, we see that the option “Use all F1, F2, etc secrets as common function tricks” is unchecked by default.

We merely need to examine this box then to switch off unique functions and transform F1, F2, and so on into the default secrets.

If you want to rapidly switch to and fro, you can reveal the keyboard, emoji, and signs viewer in the menu bar, so then you can just click on the menu bar symbol to open the keyboard setups.

With this alternative examined, you will need to hold “fn” to manage display illumination, volume, etc, however if you utilize an application that depends greatly on function secrets, then this is likely to be a much more effective setup. This holds true for example, in Microsoft Office applications where F5 opens up “Find and Replace” and also F6 begins a punctuation and also grammar check.

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