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Layout and also Print Your Own Christmas Cards in MS Word, Part 1

Looking for a little DIY fun this holiday? Open up familiar tool MS Word and create straightforward, attractive Christmas and Holiday cards, and also excite your family members with your crafting skills.

This is the initial component of a 2 component post. In this very first section, we’ll deal with design in MS Word. In our second, we’ll cover materials as well as proper printing techniques to get a terrific look out of your dirty old inkjet.

Exceed Microsoft Clipart!

Among the common blunders of designing in Word is searching in the “Clipart” menu for graphics. While this can often work, word will permit you to make use of lots of kinds of graphics as part of your artwork.

One great source for terrific images is the Flickr Creative Commons. By doing an Advanced Search, you can search through thousands of customer pictures narrowed by permit.

Go to the search on and also select the “Advanced search, or just see this link to go straight there.

Use any search criteria you such as. “Christmas” as a search term worked marvels for me. Just ensure you have actually Creative-Commons material signed in the detailed component of the food selection. Assistance Free Culture!

Another excellent source is, a firm that offers modified collections of public domain name graphics and also illustrations as clipart. They have an email e-newsletter with free content, commonly suitable for these sorts of DIY projects.

While not all of the art works, it is unusual how top quality a few of it is. Dover books are often extremely low-cost, and apart from the aggravation of bearing with their e-newsletter, their clipart samplers are complimentary.

Creating the Card in Word

The first action is to develop a Landscape- oriented record that’ll publish us a Half-Fold card on a normal 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. You can do this by mosting likely to “Page Layout” as well as readjusting the margins, establishing a big margin on your left side to suit a left folding card. You can either create this on your own, or simply download this How-To Geek Template and also conserve yourself the effort.

Our First job is to include a few of our pictures and clipart pictures. Navigate to Insert > > Picture as illustrated over.

Select the image that suits you ideal. You’ll have a lot more high quality images to pick from if you make use of premium quality pictures from Flickr or other resources, rather than clipart.

Your image is included and also instantly resized to fit your margins, however let’s add some therapies to make our card look even more full as well as rich.

Select the picture with your computer mouse, then navigate to the location of your bow called “Picture Tools.”

Image devices ought to look something similar to this illustration.

You’ll see an area marked “Picture Styles.” Click the drop-down tab, as well as choose one that suits you and your picture. “Soft Edge Rectangle,” shown below, seems a great option for a warm, fuzzy Christmas card.

When you’re done, use your arrow keys to relocate your arrow to the top of your image as well as begin keying the message you desire your card to state.

Default font Calibri is not a horribly festive font, so utilize your computer mouse to choose your text and browse to “Home” to transform the font.

The font visualized above is Vivaldi. Use whatever font styles you have or want to make the effort to mount.

The greeting in the How-To Geek font appeared also bold and misplaced compared to the rest of our card front. By shrinking the point dimension in the house menu, we can see it comes to be much less gaudy and also a lot more downplayed.

will certainly produce a page break to continue to the within your Christmas Card, or just scroll down to the brand-new web page.

Word will utilize your last typeface by default. Bear in mind, it may not be the one you want to make use of!

Utilizing various point dimensions, small and large, can include emphasis to some words over others. You can modify point dimensions on the “Home” food selection of your ribbon.

Navigate to Insert > > Picture if you care to include another image to the within your card.

Going back to “Picture Tools,” you can select a good-looking “Picture Style” for your inside art.

The above is “Reflected Rounded Rectangle.”

Adding some easy text below the image rounds the layout out simply and nicely. You might need to diminish and also explode your photos and lines of message in order to guarantee whatever you desire fits onto your card front as well as inside. It may be irritating, however a little DIY Holiday Cheer will certainly verify to be worth it, ultimately.

Picture Credits: Christmas Star by brockvicky, launched under Creative Commons. Christmas Time by * L * u * z * A *, launched under Creative Commons. Dover Clipart presumed fair usage.

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