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Make To-Do Bar in Outlook 2007 Show Only Today’s Tasks

One of the most effective brand-new functions in Outlook 2007 is the To-Do bar, where you have fast access to your schedule along with your task list. Regrettably, the default setting of showing all of your tasks regardless of day can be frustrating for any person that has a great deal of jobs, and simply isn’t all that helpful.

One of the first things I did when I began utilizing Outlook 2007 was to change the filter to only reveal the tasks for the present day, or if you want, you can also reveal jobs that are past due too.

To transform this setup, just right-click on the “Arranged By” column and afterwards select Custom from the menu.

Keep in mind: You might simply click the Filter switch and then alter the Time drop-down on the Tasks menu to “due” as well as the second drop-down to “today”. The only trouble with this is that it won’t show past due jobs, so we’ll do it a different means.

In this action, we’ll click on the Filter switch, after that click the Advanced tab, after that click the Field drop-down button. Choose Date/Time areas and then Due Date from the menu.

Now transform Condition to “on or before” as well as type in today into the Value box.

Currently we’ll see Today’s jobs along with the past due ones.

However you would certainly never forget to do something, would you?

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