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Microsoft Will Unify Windows 10 Icons with a New Brand-Wide Design

Last week, Microsoft revealed plans to modernize its Office icon suite, however it appears like the strategy is bigger than simply Office. This new design language appears to be part of a bigger strategy for all stock Windows icons.

If you scroll through your Windows device’s start menu and simply look at the Microsoft icons, you’ll see an array of styles and looks– some of which that date back quite a while. To update the look of Windows 10, Microsoft will work towards upgrading these icons with a clean and consistent look.

This move makes a lot of sense, as we’re living in a world where these refinements really matter. Apple has constant style language across of its gadgets and Google has Material Design to keep a similar look and feel across its numerous services and operating systems.

So it makes good sense that Microsoft would not just revamp its Office icons– which haven’t seen an upgrade in five years– however use this design language throughout the rest of the os. The updated Office icons are extremely clean and contemporary looking, and I’m personally actually looking forward to seeing the style take over the rest of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Head of Office Design Jon Friedman post a detailed Medium on the new Office icons recently, however it was just revealed in the comments (where Friedman responded to reader concerns) that the style will make its method to the remainder of the operating system.

through The Verge

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