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Modification AutoRecover Interval on Office 2007

AutoRecover is a Microsoft Office attribute that will certainly keep you from losing work in the event of a system accident or power outage by automatically saving your document at specific time periods.

You can easily alter the period when information is conserved to have it save regularly. This is useful if you’ve been having problems with your system lately.

We’ll be making use of Microsoft Word for this example, yet the choices exist in all of the Office applications. Just click on the Office button in the top left edge, and also pick “Word Options”.

Click on Save in the left food selection of the Options dialog box, ensuring to examine the “Save AutoRecover details” checkbox.

Here you can pick exactly how frequently you wish to save autorecover information. Do not make the interval too short, however it’s actually up to you. I changed it to 2 minutes for this instance. Click the OK button when you are done.

One of the things to bear in mind is that if you are servicing larger documents, setting the AutoRecover to something like 1 minute might start to slow your computer system down, since saving a large file behind-the-scenes every min will tire your computer.

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