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Never Forget to Send an Email Attachment in Outlook

We have all fast sent an email, only to keep in mind moments later on that we neglected to affix the data we stated we had connected to the e-mail. Forgotten Attachment Detector is a fantastic, totally free add-in for Microsoft Outlook that can aid you prevent this humiliating situation.

Forgotten Attachment Detector is a small add-in for Outlook from Office Labs, a tiny division of the Office group that has developed several nice add-ins for Office items. Whenever you send an email consists of terms such as attachment, attached, enclosed, and also a lot more but does not actually have actually a documents attached, it will alert you prior to you send your email. After that, you can return and also add the accessory you planned to prior to you actually send the e-mail.

This add-in service Outlook 2007 and 2010, including both the 32 and 64 little bit versions. In our examination, we are utilizing it on Outlook 2010 x64, but have actually utilized it in the past on Outlook 2007 also.

Getting going

Once you’ve downloaded Forgotten Attachment Detector (link listed below), proceed and install it. See to it you exit Outlook before you install it. You might uncheck the box if you do not want to

After it sets up, you can open Outlook. When you initially run Outlook after installing Forgotten Attachment Detector, it ask you to verify that you intend to install the add-in. Simply click Install, as well as it will certainly prepare to make use of.

Now, when you most likely to send an e-mail, it will certainly scan your message for keyword phrases. If it chooses you meant to attach a documents but do not have one attached, it will present a popup as opposed to just sending the email.

You can click “Show Snippet” to see precisely what in your e-mail caused the punctual. If you wish to return to your e-mail to include the file, click No; otherwise, you can click Yes to send the e-mail as is.


In Outlook 2010, you will see a brand-new switch for Forgotten Attachment Detector on the Add-ins tab of your bow. In Outlook 2007, this switch is simply added to your toolbar.

This button opens the Forgotten Attachment Detector setups panel. Below you can include or eliminate keywords that activate it to ask if you wish to include an add-on. Trend uses both expressions to determine when you intended to add an attachment, along with key words when they appear in context with an additional word. You can include or eliminate entries from either of these. FAD will also by default advise you whenever you send out an email without a subject; you can unselect this box if you do not desire this. Lastly, this dialog will certainly show how many times you failed to remember to affix a file or include a subject to an e-mail.


This add-in has actually truly been a lifesaver for us sometimes. You might not constantly need it, but when you’re fast sending out an email it can be an extremely appreciated tip!


Forgotten Attachment Detector

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