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Our Look at The New Microsoft Office Web Apps

Microsoft Web Apps will permit you to edit, check out, and also share MS Office papers over the web with the same functionality as their desktop collection. They lately launched a restricted technological sneak peek to customers last week and also today we will certainly take a look at what they have to supply up until now.


Microsoft Web Apps is a new solution that will certainly accompany the launch of Office 2010. With Web Apps you can share, check out, edit and also create files through your browser. This will permit simple cooperation with other pals and associates to get essential job results much quicker. It’s similar to the method Zoho or Google Docs enables collaboration, however this will allow you keep the exact look of the desktop record and lets you modify using the acquainted Office tools.

Right now the files you collaborate with come from your Live SkyDrive and from there you can take care of rights as well as organize data.

You can access the records and also enable customers to make talk about the papers as a job is collaborated on.

Scroll through to access the different papers available as well as also notice each record will certainly have its own URL for sharing.

Produce and also modify brand-new office records directly on the internet Apps page.

Modify consents and control that can access the papers and also if they can review just or make edits to files.

One point to note is you’ll need to make use of Office 2007 format (. xlsx.pptx.docx) or higher. If you intend to modify a record in an older style, the site will certainly convert it for you.

Microsoft Word

Since this writing Word documents are read just without any editing and enhancing capacity, yet discover any Word doc posted looks as good in the browser as it does on the desktop version.

If something isn’t available yet they let you know, in this circumstances there is no editing in Word yet.

Viewing a MS Word record in Google Chrome.


After opening up a file, you can click on the edit switch to begin making modifications. Right here you can see functionality of Home tab on the Ribbon is offered.

There is likewise minimal functionality in the Insert tab too for Hyperlinks and also Tables.

Ability to produce brand-new Excel Workbooks.

A consider a brand-new worksheet.

Modifying an Excel document while in the Firefox internet browser.

Modifying an Excel Worksheet in Google Chrome.


There is presently a limited quantity of functionality for PowerPoint as well.

It consists of the Home, Insert, and also View tabs with different editing and enhancing functions. Today you won’t be able to make a lot of edits however can do some standard tweaking.

You can go into Slide Show view to watch a presentation inside the browser.

Modifying a PowerPoint Presentation in Firefox.

Creating a new Slide in a PowerPoint under Google Chrome.

Final thought

Remember that this is still a technological sneak peek and does not yet work as a full fledged office collection. It does look promising, and also need to assist performance after every little thing is polished up. Something that seems to be missing, and also this may be due to very early growth, is the on-line docs do not instantly save while modifying them. You can nonetheless, take a picture of the document any time or enter as well as by hand save it. Regarding the various web browsers, I discovered that Internet Explorer as well as Firefox appeared to work fine, Google Chrome was somewhat buggy, and there is no love for Opera whatsoever besides being able to download the documents.

Try Office Web Apps Yourself

If you intend to try Office Live Apps out for yourself essentially all you will certainly require is a Windows Live account and also some MS Office files.

Sign Up With the Invite-Only Office Live Web Apps Preview Today — by means of Lifehacker and also Digital Inspiration

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