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Overlay Calendars in Outlook 2007 (like Google Calendar does).

Remembering to upgrade a single schedule is tough sufficient for me, but many individuals utilize numerous schedules to keep track of teams or events. However what happens if you wish to watch all the products combined with each other into one calendar, similar to the means Google Calendar does?

The dual-calendar sight function was first introduced in Outlook 2003, but has actually taken a lot of advances in Outlook 2007 to the point where it’s really useful because of the overlay function.

First you’ll require to alter to the Calendar view, and afterwards choose more than one calendar in the checklist.

Now if you float your mouse over the little arrowhead symbol alongside the second calendar you’ll notice it says “View in Overlay Mode”. Of course you ought to simply click the symbol now.

Now your schedules will be overlayed over top of each various other, with the current schedule’s products visually highlighted. Clicking the icon once again would certainly put the calendars alongside again.

Changing to and fro in between the tabs will visually highlight the things for that calendar. In addition, you can interact with the grayed things from the various other calendars while still in the “joined” sight.

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