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Print Only Selected Areas of a Spreadsheet in Excel 2007 & 2010

Sometimes you might need to print out data contained in an Excel Spreadsheet, but printing out the entire thing is a waste. Today we show you how to print out only specific areas of the document that you need.

Open the Spreadsheet with the data you need and hold down the Ctrl key while highlighting the area of the document you want to print out.

Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, then the Print Area button and Set Print Area…


While still under Page Layout click on Print Titles…

The Page Setup screen opens up and you’ll want to select the Sheet tab. From here type in the Columns and Rows that you want to repeat (if any) then click on Print Preview. This allows you to include any headers or labels associated with the data.

Now you’ll be able to preview the area you’ve selected and can print it out.

You can also select multiple areas of the spreadsheet. Just select another area and when you click on Print Area select Add to Print Area.

Then when you go into Print Preview you can page through the different areas you’ve selected.

The Print Areas will stay set until you clear them out. Just click on Print Area then select Clear Print Area.

This also works basically the same in Excel 2010, but when you select Print Preview, Backstage View opens and you can select your printing options from there.

This is a great way to save ink and paper if you only need to print out specific areas of a spreadsheet. Being able to include column headings and row labels is also nice so the data you print out makes more sense.

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