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Quick Tip: Split an Outlook Email right into Two Separate Panes

If you have actually gotten a lengthy email– or you’re writing one– Outlook lets you divided the mail up and down right into 2 panes, so you don’t need to scroll fairly so much to reference different components of the mail.

If you’ve ever before had to handle a lengthy e-mail full of replies from different individuals, you’ll recognize exactly how useful this little feature is right away. You might utilize the top pane to maintain an older component of the discussion in view to make sure that you can describe it while using the bottom pane to kind your reply. As well as of course, that’s only one usage. You’ll definitely locate numerous others.

To divide the mail, click in the Reading Pane, or double-click the mail to open it, and then click Ctrl+Alt+S. This will put a horizontal splitter bar in the middle of the mail, with a separate scroll bar in each pane.

Currently you can reference or compare different parts of the mail in the same window. To remove the split, double-click the splitter bar.

It’s a small however remarkably useful little attribute!

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