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Quickly Embed Creative Commons Licenses To Protect Office 2007 Documents

Perhaps you come up a formula that actually shows the Theory of Relativity is entirely incorrect. Maybe you have actually written a best selling story in Word 2007. You certainly intend to associate a safety permit on it. in our digital age there is an enormous quantity of Ideas, imaginative works, and also songs are available at our finger ideas. It is very essential to safeguard your job. The Creative Commons add-in for Office 2007 makes it easy.

First you will certainly need to download the Creative Commons add-in for Office 2007. See to it and also select the proper applications you want to consist of the add-in. For the sake of not needing to install it later on just pick all three.

After you have mounted the Add-in reboot Word and also you will certainly obtain the following message. Proceed and also click Install.

Now you will see a new tab on the Ribbon called Creative Commons.

In that tab you will wish to click Licence as well as New Licence. The symbol next to it is simply showing the document is not yet certified.

A screen will certainly appear for you to select the sort of CC License you intend to relate to the paper. For additional information about picking the right type of License for your job look into You will certainly also be asked if you want to permit adjustments or business use your job.

After you have actually made all the choices about the certificate you can after that make a decision to maintain it as it is or remove it. I am mosting likely to pick the certificate I simply produced through the Wizard.

You then obtain an aesthetic image of the CC icon that you can relocate to an appropriate area within the file. For this circumstances I put it at the end of the job.

The Hyperlink will point to the place of the license over at

If you use the CC to shield a great deal of the work you develop in Office 2007 this is a wonderful add in to have!

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