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Quickly View Formatting Codes in Word 2010 Using CrossEyes

Have you switched over to Microsoft Word from WordPerfect? Do you bear in mind the Reveal Codes feature in WordPerfect that made it so easy to see precisely how your paper was formatted? Well, you can get that feature now in Word making use of a free device called CrossEyes.

NOTE: CrossEyes operates in Word 2010 and earlier, but not in Word 2013.

CrossEyes allows you easily recognize as well as fix any type of document-formatting troubles in Word. Say goodbye to guessing at exactly how your document is formatted.

Download CrossEyes utilizing the web link at the end of this article. Set up the add-in, following the instructions in the configuration wizard.

When CrossEyes is installed, open Word. If you see the Security Warning message presented below telling you that macros have actually been disabled, click Enable Content. Without doing this, CrossEyes will certainly not function.

Click the Add-Ins tab.

Click CrossEyes in the Custom Toolbars section of the Add-Ins tab.

Initially, the Tips dialog box screens. If you do not intend to see this dialog box every single time you activate CrossEyes, uncheck the Show Tips at Startup check box. Click Close to shut the dialog box.

To show CrossEyes, we will certainly open up the Tutorial that includes the add-in. Click the CrossEyes food selection button to access the choices for CrossEyes or press Ctrl + M.

Select Tutorial from the popup menu.

The tutorial opens up in Word.

KEEP IN MIND: When the tutorial opens, the CrossEyes pane at the bottom of words home window shuts. To open CrossEyes once more, adhere to the actions above once more.

Notification that the formatting presents in shade, bordering the message it puts on, much like the Reveal Codes in Word Perfect.

For instance, there are two paragraphs under Example 2 in the tutorial that look specifically alike. Nonetheless, when you consider the formatting in CrossEyes, you’ll see one is formatted with Heading 1 and the other appear like it is, but has actually in truth been manually formatted to look the very same.

There are alternatives you can embed in CrossEyes to customize it. Click the CrossEyes menu button as well as choose Options.

KEEP IN MIND: You can additionally click the Options switch on the CrossEyes toolbar or press Alt + O (the capital letter O, not absolutely no).

The Detail Options tab enables you to specify which information to present, where to reveal paragraph homes, and also exactly how to reveal field codes.

The Appearance tab permits you to alter the colors used to present the different groups of format, the font to use for the formatting codes, as well as the width of the caret.

The General tab allows you to alter the Shortcut Key made use of to toggle between words record and also the CrossEyes pane. You can also pick the Default View and also Enable Logging.

To shut the CrossEyes pane, click the X button in the upper, right corner of the pane.

You can also double-click on a formatting code in the CrossEyes pane to open the dialog box made use of to alter that format.

Download CrossEyes from

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