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The Beginner’s Guide to OneNote in Windows 10

Microsoft has actually revamped a lot of its interior applications to match both the style visual as well as boosted functionality in Windows 10, and also what we’ve gotten in the brand-new OneNote is no different.

If you’re already a devoted consumer of completing items like the Evernote desktop application, a lot of the features given by Microsoft’s answer to fast note taking will certainly currently really feel acquainted. Nevertheless, longtime individuals of the initial OneNote might still need some pointers on browsing the fresh style, which is why we’re right here to help.

It’s worth keeping in mind here that there are actually two versions of OneNote: There is the basic desktop edition that becomes part of Office, and also there is the brand-new Universal application that becomes part of Windows 10. We’re speaking about the last.

Developing and also Editing a Note

OneNote comes set up as a default with the stock edition of Windows 10 (Home, Pro, as well as Enterprise included), and also as long as you’re updated to the most up to date variation of Microsoft’s OS, the OneNote application symbol will appear immediately in the Start Menu. To introduce OneNote, merely scroll down with the food selection, as well as click the “OneNote” floor tile highlighted below:

If you’re making use of OneNote (or any kind of various other Office 365 items) for the first time, you’ll be prompted with a screen that asserts you’ll be restricted to the ‘Read-Only’ mode until you either enroll in a complimentary trial, or start as well as acquire a month-to-month registration for $6.99 every 30 days ($9.99 for the “Home” edition which lets you accumulate to four individuals on the exact same account at one time).

Nevertheless if you’re logging in using a Microsoft account instead of a neighborhood account, if you simply click past this, you’ll locate that OneNote for Windows 10 is completely practical without registering for any type of added subscriptions. So simply click the “Start using OneNote” button as well as ignore the “read-only” part of it.

After the account is verified, you’ll be taken into OneNote as well as all set to begin producing notes of your very own.

Note pads

Upon entering, you’ll see in the left-hand menu your first “Notebook”, which will certainly be named immediately according to whatever account you’re making use of to release the program.

Each Notebook can consist of a boundless variety of “Sections”, which themselves can hold “Pages”, which as you can see, makes the deepness of each Notebook in its entirety just about infinite.

To create a brand-new Note, begin by clicking the plus sign beside “Recent Notes”, or merely click in the middle of the screen and also your initial Section will instantly appear.

Manage Your Pages

To start managing your web pages, it helps to think about each one as its own whiteboard that features a number of available additions as well as additional functions that can be changed relying on your certain demands. As we stated above, the overall amount of your Sections is what makes up one Notebook, and also inside each area is where you can develop several web pages.

Not just that, but for every checklist of pages you can also assign others as “Subpages”, which will certainly connect a lower-level page to one more as a component of the same section.

So as an example, you can see here that we’re operating in one section. Each area can after that be broken up into pages, which for the objective of this tutorial have been identified as “To-Do List”, “Work”, “Groceries”, and also “Project Board”, appropriately.

To add a new web page to the parent area, we’ve clicked on the plus check in the left bar where it claims “+ Pages”. Each page then operates as its own private vacuum where any amount of material can be included or edited by you or various other customers that have access to the note pad.

While externally this may sound a bit frustrating, as soon as you begin digging right into OneNote all of it begins to flow together effortlessly, and also produces a substantial note-taking app that does not leave any stone unturned when it involves packaging as many features right into one program as possible.


After you’ve obtained your web pages set up and also you’re all set to begin producing notes of your very own, you’ll see that OneNote operates in a bit of a ‘scrapbook’ style, where text, pictures, as well as even illustrations can all be interlaced with each other in the exact same note to create a corkboard of various suggestions and also brainstormed ideas in a single area. If you want to overlay pictures in addition to message, OneNote will not quit you. Required to jot a couple of enhancements on top of someone’s grocery checklist? OneNote is tablet and stylus compatible, or you can even utilize your computer mouse if you’re really feeling particularly artistic.

To edit any type of pages, you’ll do so from among the 4 tabs lining the top of every Notebook.


Initially, there’s the Home bar. This is where you’ll be able to go through standard editing tools such as creating bulleted listings, transforming the font design (strong, italic, and so on), or creating a new indent.

It’s additionally where you’ll see the “Label” food selection, located by clicking the arrowhead highlighted below:

You can use labels to any kind of content within OneNote (words, photos, drawings, and so on), and also in our instance you can see that we’ve labeled the dummy text area with the “Question”, “Contact”, and also “Address” stickers for far better visual organization signs.

This makes it a wind for anyone that’s sharing notes to recognize specifically what group the content they’re looking at comes under, without also needing to read it initially.


If you want to put any kind of sort of outside media, whether it be a photo, a new spreadsheet table, and even a whole file, the “Insert” tab is where you’re going to obtain it done.

As soon as a photo is placed, you’ll have the alternative to either cut it out of the note, replicate it, paste another, erase it, or change which documents is uploaded utilizing the menu highlighted listed below.

Any type of text that’s added will be constricted to a box that will certainly press or extend depending upon the amount of material within. Simply in situation you wish to arrange that on your own, nonetheless, you can additionally alter the size by hand utilizing the slider located in the top-right hand corner of every independent access.


Naturally, what would a note taking application be without the alternative to doodle freely to your heart’s web content?

The attracting tab consists of a few primary tools that you can use to set some doodles that can overlay on images, factor people from one paragraph to the next, or just leave a fast message for partners on the exact same project.

The Draw tab likewise contains the choice for highlighting text, in situation there are certain sectors of an entrance that you require to stick out from the group.


Last we involve the View tab, which also takes place to be the lightest on readily available options.

In here is where you can do one of 3 things: change the zoom (in or out), modify the degree of zoom, or add ruled lines to your job to actually provide it that “college note pad” really feel. Easy, tidy, and effective, you obtain specifically what you need right here as well as absolutely nothing else in between.


To get to the Settings menu, first you’ll need to click the menu button in the leading left corner of the OneNote window.

From right here, the “Settings” icon will appear in the lower left-hand edge.

Click this, and also you’ll be taken to the complying with food selection which will certainly pop up from the ideal side of the primary OneNote window.


In the Options tab, you’ll locate setups to modify which OneDrive account all your Notes sync to. This is important since this e-mail is where all your Notebooks and the web pages will immediately sync to the cloud every single time you make any kind of modifications.

Make sure whatever on this account is securely regulated and your personal privacy arrangement is readied to the optimum default, or else your Notes will come to be publicly available to anyone who also uses that cloud storage from another maker.

That said, there’s likewise the option to transform the automatic syncing procedure off, in which case any type of saves you make will be connected to the regional computer, as well as uploads to the cloud will only happen each time you conserve by hand.

Last in Options as well as syncing is the toggle to “Sync down all documents and also photos”. When switched on, this setup will simply make any kind of notes you gain access to from another equipment tons much faster the next time you boot it up, by downloading and install bigger files and also images to the system you’re working with rather than reloading them from the outside server each time the data is closed or resumed.


To manage which accounts are linked to your OneNote, open the “Accounts” tab in the Settings menu.

From below just one home window will certainly pop up, with a list of the users currently linked to your registered Office 365 account, as well as the choice to include another.

If you do select to include one more account, you’ll only be able to do so making use of a venture (work) or institution based email address that has actually spent for its own Office 365 subscription too.

Personal privacy

Successive in the Settings menu is the Privacy area, a subject which has actually proven to be a warm switch concern for several customers since Windows 10 initial dropped.

Though a lot of what’s kept track of by this setting is relatively innocuous (“stability problems” as well as “system arrangement” are simply what they seem like), the “attributes you make use of most frequently” fact is the one that makes our toes curl.

This suggests that throughout whatever you carry out in OneNote (or any type of other connected Office 365 applications), Microsoft is keeping a log of where your mouse goes, what you click on, as well as how often you utilize any one details section of its software program.

Just to be secure from having that degree of details being sent over the cables at a consistent click (and also to conserve battery while editing on a laptop computer), it’s encouraged to keep this toggle switched off in all times.

Trust fund Center

Of all the alternatives in the OneNote settings menu, the “Trust Center” is by far one of the most uncertain.

Though Microsoft hasn’t set out any specifics of specifically what they desire this data for or what they perform with it past “making improvements to Office”, we suggest that unless you expressly require it on for some reason, it’s best to leave both these alternatives toggled off.


Since your note is total, it’s time to share your creation with the remainder of the world.

Much like the File Sharing feature ingrained right into the Windows 10 File Explorer, the “Share” button discovered in the leading right corner of OneNote will raise a food selection including the alternative to send your development onto the web through any kind of apps you’ve previously downloaded by means of the Windows Store.

In this instance, we can either share with the Windows Mail customer, to Facebook, via Gmail straight, or to a separate OneNote account holder on an additional computer.

Similarly, any page or note pad you want to share can also be replicated as a straight web link in your clipboard if you’ve already given permissions to anyone that clicks on it. To do this, locate the web content you wish to share, and after that appropriate click it to raise the complying with submenu.

Select the choice to “Copy Link to Page”, as well as you’ll end up with a web link that looks something like this. From the linked online site, you can manage editing and enhancing consents with anybody that has access to the note, along with collaborate via common drawing features, picture uploading, and shared text.

This food selection is also where you’ll find the option to “Pin to Start”, which will take any type of Page or Notebook and also send the whole point to your Start Menu in the kind of a promptly clickable shortcut.

OneNote might not deserve the cost that Microsoft is requesting accessibility to the Office 365 collection on its own, however it’s still equipped with sufficient functions and tweaks to offer other totally free options like Evernote or Google Keep a run for their money. It’s a simple method to keep track of all your day-to-day doings, and also makes working together and developing jobs with team members fun, very easy, as well as universally available from smart phones as well as desktops alike.

You can locate the OneNote download for your recommended system in the web links supplied by Microsoft at their home page here.

Image Credits: Microsoft

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