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Transfer or Move Your Microsoft Office Custom Dictionary

One of our wonderful visitors composed in yesterday asking exactly how to move the personalized Office dictionary from one computer to another, as well as it seemed deserving enough to discuss for everybody’s advantage. Thanks Josh!

If you’ve ever before seen the squiggly red line under a word and picked the “Add to Dictionary” choice, after that you will realize what I’m speaking about … all of those words are stored in a custom thesaurus data, and also can be truly aggravating to return to on a brand-new computer system.

Finding Your Dictionary File

In Word 2003, you will certainly require to head to Tools Options, then click on the Spelling & Grammar tab, as well as select Custom Dictionaries because dialog.

For Word 2007 or other Office 2007 applications, click the large Office switch in the top left-hand corner, after that Word Options, and then in the Proofing section you’ll see “Custom Dictionaries”

Note: Outlook 2007 needs you to open a brand-new e-mail before you’ll see the Office button.

This will certainly bring up the display where you can appoint custom-made thesaurus, in addition to see the full path to the current thesaurus file. After we move the file from the old computer system to the brand-new one, you’ll need to use the Add switch here to include the thesaurus, if it’s not immediately included.

Note that you must utilize the Edit Word List dialog in below to make any kind of modifications (do not try and also make modifications to the documents itself, I’ve checked out individuals having problems when doing that)

Backing Up or Transferring

To backup your dictionary data, surf to the course you saw above, or just enter in the following into the location bar in explorer:

%appdata% Microsoft

You’ll see either directories, for Office 2007 versions it’s typically situated in the UProof folder, however in older variations it remained in the Proof folder. In either case the dialog over need to inform you the complete path.

Once you go into that directory you should see the CUSTOM.dic data, which is what you’ll wish to back up and move to the very same location on the various other system … or you might place it somewhere else if you ‘d such as, for example in your Documents folder.

Note that if you open the file you ought to be able to see all of your personalized words. Simply don’t make edits from right here preferably.

As soon as you’ve duplicated the data to the exact same area on the other computer (Make certain you close all Office applications before doing so), you should have the ability to include the personalized thesaurus to the brand-new computer making use of the dialogs we discussed above, if it’s not automatically found or you decided to put it into your papers folder.

If this is a feature you utilize at all times, you could want to take into consideration moving the data into your Documents and afterwards reassigning the custom thesaurus to that place. That would make back-ups a whole lot less complex, considering that you would not need to dig around to discover it.

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