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Update Teams on Android to Make Sure You Can Call 911

Last week finished with a frightening pest that avoided users from calling 911 on their Android phone under specific situations if they have actually Microsoft Teams installed. The good news is, Microsoft released an update for Teams that fixes this serious 911 bug.

The bug was first found by a Reddit individual that was trying to call emergency services for their grandma. Google reacted to the issue, claiming, “Based on our investigation we have had the ability to duplicate the issue under a limited set of conditions.”

Google completed its response by stating, “We recommend individuals to watch out for an upgrade to the Microsoft Teams application and also ensure it is used as quickly as offered.”

Thankfully, that upgrade is available currently, so if you have actually Microsoft Teams set up on your Android smartphone, you’ll intend to upgrade it to the most recent variation instantly, as the capability to call 911 is critical, especially if you don’t have accessibility to a landline.

Microsoft did an excellent task of turning out the repair rapidly. This is incredibly essential since a problem such as this is more than just a nuisance, as individuals’s lives could be in danger if someone can’t obtain ahold of emergency services quickly when they require them.

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