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What Are Microsoft Teams Meeting Notes, and How Do You Make use of Them?

Satisfying notes are most useful when they’re written during a meeting as well as easy to discover later. Microsoft Teams allows you compose notes during a meeting and gain access to them from the conference appointment at any moment in the future.

Not every conference calls for notes to be kept, however if you’re choosing, assigning jobs, or servicing something particularly essential, taking conference notes is just good method. Ideally, meeting notes are written throughout the meeting, are offered for all participants to modify, as well as are very easy to find later.

The meeting keeps in mind performance in Teams fulfills all of these standards and also is simple to make use of. Below’s how to start utilizing it.

Fulfilling notes are a default part of any type of Groups meeting and are connected to the meeting itself. To find them, double-click on the meeting (or click on the meeting and after that click “Edit”) in the Teams calendar.

The meeting notes get on a tab at the top of the meeting.

When the conference begins, notes can also be accessed by clicking the three-dot menu icon on top of the conference window and then selecting “Satisfying Notes.”

Whichever means you access the notes, the capability is the same. To start remembering, click the “Remember” button.

A notice will show up in the meeting chat to allow all the participants recognize that conference notes are being taken.

Anybody in the conference– consisting of exterior guests– can click “Show notes in fullscreen” and check out the notes in real-time. Just individuals in your organization can start keeping in mind or edit existing notes.

The meeting notes use Teams’s built-in wiki performance, offering areas, headings, and also a toolbar for formatting message.

If you have not used the Microsoft Teams built-in wiki yet, it’s an intuitive system that’s simple to get. Just write your notes throughout a conference and style them later on if necessary.

The meeting notes will persist across recurring conferences, with a new section immediately produced for each conference. The notes (and also the meeting information) will certainly be offered in the meeting conversation for as lengthy as you maintain the meeting in your calendar.

Not every meeting requires notes to be maintained, but if you’re making decisions, designating tasks, or working on something particularly important, taking meeting notes is just excellent practice. Meeting notes are a default part of any kind of Groups meeting and are connected to the meeting itself. The meeting notes will linger throughout repeating conferences, with a new section automatically developed for each conference.

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