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What are Notes in Outlook and How Do You Use Them?

Microsoft Outlook allows you produce electronic sticky notes that you can display either in Outlook or exactly on your desktop computer, letting you obtain all those real sticky notes off your desk.

Before we begin, allow’s take a minute to bear in mind that writing passwords down on Post-It notes, electronic or otherwise, is just ordinary bad. We’ve written about password security extensively over the years, so take a minute to choose a password manager and use it. Eventually you’ll thank us.

Developing a New Note

The very first thing to do is to open up the Notes alternative in Outlook. Do this by going to the lower left of Outlook, clicking the 3 dots in the Navigation choice, and then clicking “Notes.”

The Notes choice, where you can add, edit, as well as remove your notes, will open.

To create a new note, click “New Note.” This will certainly create a brand-new note with the default dimension and color.

Dealing with a Note

Expectation’s Notes look basic, however they pack a great deal of capability into a little square. There are six unique areas of your note.

1. The note itself, where you can kind your message.
2. The note’s menu, with various choices you can execute on the note.
3. The “step deal with,” that you can click on as well as utilize to drag the note around the display.
4. The close alternative that shuts the write.
5. The “resize manage” that you can click as well as drag to resize the note.
6. The day and also time of when you last changed the note.

Something you will not see is a Save option. When you click the close option and even click away from the note to somewhere else, the note immediately conserves for you, and also there’s no versioning (just like a physical post-it).

The very first line of the note becomes the documents name (also if the initial line is blank), so if you intend to rename your note, you’ll require to rewrite the very first line of message within it.

Organizing Your Notes

You can utilize the fact that the first line of the note becomes the documents name to aid you organize your notes by making the very first word the action you need to do (e.g., “To-do,” “Call,” “Reminder,” and so on). By default, your notes are displayed in the Icon view.

This orders your notes by the day they were changed, with the notes that were most lately customized (or developed) at the front. If you alter to the Notes List view, you can see this more plainly.

To organize your notes by type of action rather, you can order them by topic by mosting likely to View > > View Settings.

We’ve covered transforming your sight settings before, so we won’t go through the details here, yet if you’ve done this for your mail folders, you’ll recognize it’s really simple. Once you’ve transformed your sight to kind by topic, your various activities will certainly be a lot more quickly noticeable.

Classifying Notes by Color

You can likewise alter the shade of your notes by altering the category. This can be carried out in one of 3 means:

1. By picking the note in the Notes window as well as clicking the Home > > Categorize alternative.

2. By right-clicking the note in the Notes home window as well as choosing “Categorize” from the context menu.

3. By clicking the food selection in the top left of an open note and selecting “Categorize” from the food selection.

Select the color you desire your note to be. If you’ve not used Categories before then, you’ll see an alternative to relabel the category and also change the shade.

Once you’ve chosen your category the whole note will match the shade you’ve picked, and the icon will transform color in the Note home window.

This is a very easy method to track the various kinds of notes you have due to the fact that you won’t have to check out or get your notes to know what every one is.

Adding Notes to Your Desktop

OK, that covers setting your notes up as well as categorizing them. Allow’s look at adding them to your desktop computer. The bright side is that it’s as very easy as opening up a note and then lessening Outlook. The opened up notes can be dragged around and also put any place you desire on your desktop computer.

As soon as you close Outlook, the Notes will shut too, which makes sense but isn’t ideal. However, when you open them again individually from Outlook it opens them up in the very same area you left them, so when you’ve very carefully arranged them, they’ll remain in the exact same location. As well as if you’re the type of individual who never ever closes Outlook unless you’re reactivating your computer system, this won’t be much of a concern anyway.

If you desire the Notes open but not Outlook, you can conserve the Notes outside Outlook and also open them without opening the main Outlook app. To do this, click the food selection option of the note and choose “Save As.”.

A common Windows dialog will certainly open to allow you pick a location to save. We’re going to select the Desktop.

When you open up the conserved message, the note will certainly open up specifically where you left it, without the Outlook app being open. (Technically, the Outlook application is open behind-the-scenes, yet you can not see it, and you won’t obtain notifications.) Since it’s a duplicate of the note in Outlook, as well as not the original note, changing it won’t update Outlook yet that’s fine if you’re utilizing the notes for visual tips as opposed to a running tally of to-dos.

Sending out Notes to Other People

You can also send out notes to other individuals. If they’ve obtained Outlook, they’ll be able to open them as Notes as well as use them similar to you. To send out a note to a person, click the menu alternative of the note and also choose “Forward.”

This will produce an e-mail with the note as an accessory.

If the recipient opens the connected note in a mail program like Gmail or a customer like Thunderbird, it will certainly be treated as a simple text e-mail, but if they open it in Outlook, it’ll be treated as a Note. This makes it specifically helpful for sending out points to coworkers in the office that are using Outlook, particularly if your group makes use of Notes.

Notes aren’t the flashiest or most feature-rich component of Outlook, however if you’re a Post-It note kind of nerd, they’re uncomplicated as well as efficient. And also you’ll never ever need to stress over them being gotten rid of by the cleaners, running out of dampness and also falling off, or leaving info visible to anyone that strolls past.

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