Journal #1 (March 9, 2021)

We have just finished our first essay in the class. Although Professor Otte said that I had a strong first draft, I’m still not confident with the essay. I’ve always struggled with this aspect when it comes to my own writing, but hopefully I’ll be able to start learning to appreciate my own work soon. Nonetheless, writing the technical description was a pretty fun assignment! I had really enjoyed the research that had to be done and informing others about the uses/functionality of Virtual Reality headsets. I also learned a lot of new things about the device as well! I didn’t know that it was being used within the medical field to help with various problems. I had always thought that VR headsets were only used within the entertainment and aviation fields. I never expected doctors to be using them as a means to encourage positive mental health practices and forms of physical therapy. There were so many things that I was able to learn about VR headsets and the development process of it as well. This assignment really reinforced the idea that I really do want to be involved in the technological field. Whether it’s through developing new devices or coding new programs, it all looks so fun to me and makes me want to contribute these new ideas to help people. 

With the first assignment done, we will be working on the second assignment. I’ve always been the type to prefer working alone, but all of my peers within the course have such bright and thoughtful ideas that I’m not as nervous as I usually am to be working in a team. I’m still nervous of course, but I’m sure me and my team members will get along fine in order to create an assignment that meets the requirements. Evidently, this is my first journal entry. I do wish that I had begun writing these a few weeks ago, but my other classes have given me little time to write and I feel bad that I haven’t managed my time better to include these journal entries. I feel confident though, that I will be writing at least 1-2 entries each week in order to make up for all the ones that I could have written. 

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