Journal Entry #5 (April 14, 2021)

The outline of the lab report is shaping up to be somewhat difficult to write. The topic that I have chosen to write about it, is the affects video conferencing has on human behavior during these times of remote learning. Whilst searching online and through different resources, I have gathered a fair amount of research and past- experiments concerning the topic that I have. I am finding myself struggling in the terms of condensing the research that was found. There is a maximum of 3 pages for this lab report, and when it comes to writing I always find myself going over the page number assigned. I have this tendency to somewhat ramble in my writing, and add more thoughts/analysis in order to back up evidence that I find. With this page limit, I am trying to be more aware of what I write. I need to minimize the words I write in the paragraphs, but also make sure that my point is clear and concise even with not much writing to it. However, I am trying to be more straight to the point with writing this lab report which will hopefully lessen the amount of words inputted per page. With this outline that I am creating, I hope that I am able to easily state what I want to say without having to add much explanations. Lastly, I am trying to find various photos and visual representations that can be used for the lab report. I am finding this difficult as well, but I plan to use brain activity photos as a reference to show the change in behavior that occurs with remote learning vs regular in-person learning. I have confidence that this outline and first draft will come out fine by the end of the week.

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